Code4lib is in San Jose next year and I’m intrigued. I’ve never been but really want to experience it, but I’d have to pay registration costs out of pocket and that’s a big chunk of change.

@elenarchivist there are scholarships to increase participation. Basically anyone who’s not a white cishet man qualifies. You can also specify you only need registration (and maybe parking or gas or any extra commuting cost?) covered.

@elenarchivist oh I wanted to add @amelish ran the committee last year and I was on it and we’d both be down for any questions I’m sure, plus we could let you know folks you might know who got scholarships last year (it’s public) if you wanted to ask them things.

@platypus @amelish i was reading about the scholarship while looking into costs, but wasn’t sure if it had to cover hotel costs. Is it a super competitive process?

@elenarchivist @amelish it’s competitive but flexible on how the money is used. In the past one person could get her work to send her but not pay for childcare. If you’re in an adjacent discipline like digital archives and haven’t really explored the C4L community much, you’re a good candidate!

@ashley @amelish @elenarchivist @platypus I went to the one in Portland a few years ago and thought it was a good experience. It seems like there's been more archives/library crossover content recently too.

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