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Elena Colón-Marrero @elenarchivist

Just emailed a dog rescue place about a doggie that upon description seems good for Osito and I’d love the two to meet. Anxiously waiting to hear back!

@elenarchivist oh gosh!! I hope they can become friends. A friend just adopted a 2-yo dog to be friends w/her 12-year-old dog and it's adorable and hilarious! Young dog is madly in love with older dog, wants to snug, wants to sit next to, wants to sleep with one paw on, etc. Has adopted him as big brother. big brother is tolerant but also looks at her and sighs like "please, why is this young one following me everywhere?"

@platypus Osito sighs ALL of the time. Another person has priority above us so fingers crossed.

@elenarchivist aww. <3 🤞 we were second on Sterling's list and ended up with him! <3