It’s all been pretty weird since I don’t think our leadership have taken it seriously considering we are a museum. But also we are in the middle of new laptop deployment & they want everyone to have the new laptops to wfh with.

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Our FOH staff are being hit pretty hard with the closure. Our project archivist left the grant early so collections is trying to see if we can allocate that money to FOH

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MPOW has finally announced that its closing to the public. The only WFH info we’ve gotten is to “talk to supervisors & department vps” which means different departments are getting different instructions. I’ve been told on the DL that I can work from home a “few days a week or as much as I feel comfortable”

There's something about February conferences where coworkers of mine announce that they are leaving while I'm gone. Thankfully I found out in real time this year.

My dog met my coworker's new dog in the parking lot today & coworker's dog was quite aggressive to mine. They eventually started to ignore each other & do their own old dog stuff alone.

Anyway a certain person in IT is trying to tell us what our best practices should be without even acknowledging the fact that no one has been responsible for our public search since the person who was left. I am very glad this person does not have overarching power anymore.

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They (really just one person) blamed us for using double dates as a "horrible idea" to "bad practice" to fixing what was broken.I literally cannot roll my eyes any harder.

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We were having trouble with some of our records showing up on our online search in one view but not the other. Turns out IT was using two different types of queries. Updated one from 1.4 to 7.1 without thinking to check for problems.

My candidate statement for SCA’s nominating committee is due tomorrow & the prompt is “how can nominating committee ensure diversity within the orgs elected positions” & given everything that is happening with SAA I’m not sure I can answer that question. I’m seriously considering pulling my name because I can’t think of a response that feels honest but also not defeatist.

How does one focus on work when you’re not sure your family is okay? Asking for me 🙃

I have to put together a candidate statement for an org. It only has to be 300 words, but I have no idea what to say or what I care about anymore. 🙃

He's not the first and far from the last researcher that has questioned if I know what I'm doing. I try to be explicit from the very beginning as to why I can't provide something, but they quickly go from understanding to patronizing to downright hostile. My other coworkers don't have to deal with it as regularly as I do. *sigh*

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I've been avoiding working on a research request, because when the researcher added a part two to the request after I was unable to fulfill part one he started explaining to me how I should read these floppy disks. Of course he said "You probably know all of this, but have you tried...."

We FINALLY got a written roadmap & explanation of why things are where on the IT front at MPOW. But also we are getting brand new (not refurbished new) laptops in February. I’m trying to figure out how I can be on that first wave upgrade list.

Was in a professional meeting & one of the participants started going off on how degrading the “ok boomer” meme is & all I could do was resist the urge to say it.

Spent a better part of my day watching a package that failed overnight ingest again only to have it fail again. Brb as I go sulk with a drink.

MPOW complaining 

Today someone at MPOW basically goes “you’re wrong it’s free or at least was XX years ago.” I’m resisting the urge to say it’s freemium & every time I’ve asked for a service like that I’m told no because policy is we pay. Now everyone thinks I’m wrong & I’m gonna have to speak with ppl offline about my wrong information at some unknown future point. 😡😡😡

Quilt friends! What is the definition of a quilt? My coworker and I are arguing about it. She thinks piecing is necessary but I thought two layers of fabric with batting in the middle that’s stitched together is a quilt.

Does anyone have information on archiving docker containers?

MPOW and slack 

The one downside to starting to use slack is that the general channel has become a place for certain people to share quite old and debunked news and years old memes.

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