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Valentine’s Day relationship stuff (+) Show more

Valentine’s Day relationship stuff (+) Show more

I'm wearing my new handmade jeans for a second time and I'm still not sure how I feel about them. On one hand I'm pretty dang proud of myself for making jeans, but on the other the fit isn't quite right and much looser than I usually wear. Is this what it's like to wear bootcut jeans instead of skinny jeans?

Sent an email to a chair of another section asking if they'd do a joint meeting with SNAP and now i just want to nap for the rest of the day.

For now I'm working on a folding guide in case getting sleeves from Hollinger becomes difficult. If anyone needs it DM me!

In the mean-time I've figured out how to make proper fitting 3 1/2 disk sleeves out of 8.5x11 acid free paper. You can fit two sleeves on one sheet of paper. An added bonus is that the scraps fit our barcodes and can be used as labels.

This impacted our special order of 3 1/2 inch and 5 1/4 inch floppy disk sleeves. Apparently the Fredericksburg offices didn't know that the company offered such a thing.

Word on the street is that Hollinger has combined their California and Virginia offices all to Fredericksburg, Virginia now and with it prices have increased.

This item didn't have "duck" in the description so everyone missed it. Past me was brilliant and scanned the sticker pages because they were fun. I'm not sure if it'll get used, but hey now we know we have more than just Duck Hunt to share.

My morning resulted in tracking down ducks and managed to find some in a certificate making program.

MPOW hasn't really kept up with the whole museum meme things that have been happening recently, but today someone decided that we MUST participate in this duck picture thing.

Is there a AAT term for a file listing? I have a bunch of print-outs from the 80s that have file listings for floppy disks, but I am having a hard time finding a term that fits.

Updating records for a bunch of 8 inch floppies and I don't understand why the title field is so off from the given disk titles. The handwriting can be hard to read, but there is a print out with the filenames and title of the disk to cross reference with.

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This morning was spent discussing "unlabeled" vs "untitled" in our software description., which has now lead to me creating instructions on how to use the data uploader and software spreadsheet to create/edit records instead of using Mimsy for software cataloging.

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A bunch of floppies were imaged in 2007 but then cataloged in 2009. Sometime in between the catalog numbers were mixed up on the disks and now I'm trying to sort out this confusing mess.

friends I have a question for you: a curator at MPOW wants to know why so many books have a letter underlined in the last name. They passed along the image below with G in Gladstone marked.

We haven’t been able to give him an answer, just that potentially it helped identify an author quickly. Do y’all have any thoughts or insights?

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