In other IT woes my account has broken the helpdesk ticketing system and I’m now regulated to requesting help via Slack. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.

I have a phone interview next week and I feel like I forgot how to interview. 🙃

My take away: planning a section meeting is hard and I don’t want to do it again.

There’s nothing I can do but yeah the thoughts are still there.

On one hand it’s giving more space for our panelists to discuss unpaid internships, but I’m afraid everyone will dip out before the end.

Still a bit nervous at the SNAP/IA Section meeting that maybe it’s too long? But I thought joint meetings had to take the longer time block because the info is unclear.

job advice needed 

job advice needed 

job advice needed 

After being on SNAP for close to four years now I'm finally just burned out. The next year will be a break from most committee work and conferences.

Like I'm bummed I didn't see my proposal to create a scholarship to sponsor student memberships for first-generation students through to the end. But I took it on when I had nothing else to do & didn't have the bandwidth to finish with no support to share the load. It just didn't happen.

SAA is coming up fast and I need to update the joint Issues and Advocacy/Students and New Archival Professionals section meeting description, because one of our planned panels isn't happening. i'm feeling the pressure to finish organizing & prepping for succession, but also am haunted by all the ghosts of unfinished projects.

IT just asked me why we can’t use Google Drive to share files with researchers and I had to respond back that not every researcher has a google account, but you know this thing I asked you for access to does the job. 🙃

My time in Kenya was amazing but I’m soooo ready to be home. I’m sure all the waiting I’ve done in JFK is chipping away at my soul.

Just did a little song and dance about physical order not having to match intellectual order in the stacks to shake off my frustration at having to spend time moving something despite being asked to do a thing because the project being behind.

I was scheduled to have a meeting at 9:30 even though I don’t come in till 10. Got to work early for it only to have it rescheduled to 11. 🙃

This sheet of paper with emoticons was tucked between a bunch of floppy disks I’m cataloging. It appears to come from a Q-Link newsletter from Quantum Computer Services (later AOL). I wonder if anyone emailed Jenny with more.

This is such a sweet picture! I also appreciate the description underneath.

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