hey masto i'm outsourcing my work again/looking for titles we might have missed

what are some of your favorite featuring *and* written by PoC? i think are the focus but i'll take non-superhero recs too!

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@ebeth Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote Black Panther as the obvious choice

Ms. Marvel is about a muslim girl written by a muslim woman although the author is white passing so unsure if that counts

@shelley ms marvel counts! these two are definitely on the list

@ebeth If #webcomics and #Jewish authors count, then
are among my favorites. Neither is a superhero comic, but Leif and Thorn has an official Magical Person AU.

@DialMforMara unfortunately webcomics won't work for this since we're trying to highlight books we have available at the library but i might read these at some point anyway. thanks!

Also for personal web comic reading Hazards of Love is sooooo good and Agents of the Realm is cute

@ebeth I just remembered! Monstress by Marjorie Liu is ridiculously good.

@ebeth Mare Internum by Der-Shing Helmer perhaps?

this looks cool! are there physical books? unfortunately we're looking for stuff we can physically feature at the library so no webcomics :(

@ebeth She just had a kickstarted for the Mare Internum book I think, so no physical book available right at this moment. Her previous work The Meek has Volume I published, though I haven't read it so can't speak of its PoC character content.

@ebeth INCOGNEGRO. The writer of that is mixed race (White/african-american9 and i like how the comics deal with racist attitudes of the past (some which still exist) whilst still manage to be a captivating murder mysteries

@ebeth Saladin Ahmed just finished a run of Black Bolt and just started a new series called Abbott.

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