anyone here a public librarian in michigan? i ran across a weird requirement on a job posting today for a professional license and that's not a thing i'm familiar with. is it something i should get? am i going to have trouble finding jobs if i don't? or is it sort of optional?

every year at my library we're allowed to wear t-shirts during the summer that correspond to the summer reading theme

so for "libraries rock!" we get to wear band shirts

i have a lot of band shirts already but what if.......i buy more......that counts as working right.........

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Okay, I started a thread in the mastodon ravelry group for the mastospinner team for tour de fleece. Check it out and say hi and all that:

#mastospinners #tdf18 #fibrearts #fiberarts #handspinning #tourdefleece

this girl knows what she likes and what she likes is dinosaurs

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we have a little toy dinosaur that hangs out at the info desk and this girl just yelled "DINOSAUR" and ran up and started playing with it

and then i realized her phone was quietly playing the jurassic park theme

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hot take 

@ebeth Ditto students, which is arguably even less justifiable and currently on the rise in UK universities.

hot take 

referring to people who use the library as "customers" is capitalist nonsense and librarians should stop doing it

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My friend wants to join mastodon and doesn’t know what instance to join. Anyone know if there is a critical #geography or radical #archiving / #library instance?

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Okay guys. When I’m paying attention, Fridays is when I try to follow someone not already federated with tootplanet to bring someone else interesting into our federation.

I’m looking for someone fun in the #gardening ( #garden #homesteading #planting ) sphere, in honor of today being all about plants in some ways of looking at things. Also because I can’t plant anything yet, because it’s still snowing!

❄ 🌱 ❄

Any suggestions?

#followfriday #FF

hey masto i'm outsourcing my work again/looking for titles we might have missed

what are some of your favorite featuring *and* written by PoC? i think are the focus but i'll take non-superhero recs too!

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Next week, I'll be presenting on my dad's quest to digitally preserve and remaster his 1980s comic book series at Personal Digital Archiving Conference 2018.

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A good meeting agenda is worth all. the. things.

YS is doing their recurring reading with dogs program today, my favorite day 🐶 ❤ 📚

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And in today’s tech news, another journalist reinvents public library digital collections from first principles.


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(they're all very nice and relatively competent but the fact that only one of them has solid tech experience yet our DIG committee is me + almost every man who works here despite my workplace being overwhelmingly non-male is A Thing for sure)

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me: leaving this job in a couple months
also me: desperately worming my way onto a team to help redesign our intranet

look it needs help okay it would be cruel to let the whole thing be handled by the few men who work here which would absolutely happen by default otherwise

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Sometimes all you can really do is show up, do what absolutely need to get done, see what else you might be able to do, and generally take care of yourself. And that's ok. That's very much ok.

happy national library workers day, nobody knows what we do but we sure as hell do it for them anyway

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patron: so are you an employee or a volunteer?
me: i'm an employee
patron: oh i wasn't sure if volunteers worked in the technology center
me: no, our volunteers mostly help out in the stacks and with things like the book sale
patron: well i don't see why a volunteer couldn't do this job

🙃 🙃 🙃

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