Google fired another woman working in the ethics of AI... because she was looking into why they fired the woman before her who was working in the ethics of AI.

remind me again why isn't there an AI and Data Collection Ethics agency in the US? Because damn there should be.

@yuki Don't even get me started. 🙂

We'd be here all day, and we'd we'll need snacks.

@yuki Let me do some notes and stuff!

I can already tell you that my problem will be keeping it on topic and *not* straying into a drooling, ranting, pins-on-a-wall-with-red-yarn-connecting-the-nodes screed on capitalism and why it's humanity's most inhumane invention.

@isobel Yo dawg, we heard you liked unethical acts in ethics! So we did something unethical to the ethics people while they were looking into the unethical treatment of the ethics people.

@cyberpunklibrarian I'd say "the surprise 😑" but maybe this kind of mini-scandal is necessary for it to dawn on some people that capitalism is irremediably and fundamentally at odds with ethical behaviour.

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