FUN FACT! Getting gas at one of those pumps with a goddamn TV in it? On almost all of these pumps, the circled button mutes the sound. At least you don’t have to listen to that crap.

@cyberpunklibrarian I applaud the oil companies in trying to encourage people to drive less or sell their cars. ^_^

@platypus You're welcome! I'm sure there are some different machines out there that use a different button, but every time I try pushing that button, it works!

@cyberpunklibrarian Luckily Sheetz does not do this but I will try it on my next road trip. ... in... 202X?

@platypus Push ALL the buttons! You don't owe them your attention! You're already paying for the gas!

@cyberpunklibrarian @platypus hit multiple buttons at once and you might find your way into the diag or system menu :hacker:

@thegibson It could be a different button on other pumps, but that's the one that always seems to work. I've noticed I've had to push it twice on a couple of occasions, but I attribute that to hardware problems more than anything else.

@conatus @cyberpunklibrarian Some USA gas stations have them. They're really annoying

@cyberpunklibrarian they took those out of Toronto gas stations after about six months. Everyone hates them.

@cyberpunklibrarian I haven't put any gas in my plug-in hybrid since I started working from home in March, but I will remember it when this is all over.

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