This is a thing.

It exists.

It was brought into the world knowingly, and *on purpose.*


We had thoose in our lunchroom at school when I was a kid (20 years ago).
It always ended up with alot of kids (including me) screaming at it so it could reach "maximum level".

@bgcarlisle @selea See, I know libraries where this thing would be seen as a challenge.

Oh? If we're loud enough we can make it turn red?

....let me grab a few friends. Be right back.


@bgcarlisle @selea Maybe, for an extra could hundred dollars, you can get one with a webcam that takes a picture of the person making the noise so it can post it to Twitter and tweetshame them? 😀

@cyberpunklibrarian @selea You keep thinking of new ways to incentivize people to make the most amount of noise



Imagine all the pictures that will be posted in people with horsemask

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