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Cyberpunk Librarian @cyberpunklibrarian

LIBRARIANS OF MASTODON (freakin' killer punk band name, by the way):

Check out Trunk, a list of Mastodon lists on Community Wiki! They've got lists of different people to follow on Mastodon but the GLAM lists are either pretty short or non-existent. Hit up the Wiki and get added to the list(s) of your choice!

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@cyberpunklibrarian Also, I'm very nearly a complete fraud on that list-- I'm working on a related project and have some limited, long ago, experience. But would like to see an active community.

@Sailorplutoid It is. :) I'd heard about it on a podcast and it sounded like something I'd been after for a while. I've been on Mastodon for a while now and still have trouble finding people to follow!

@cyberpunklibrarian I'm stunned! I'm not on there? I'm world famous I am. 😃