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Cyberpunk Librarian

There were no motels so you spent the night at a rest stop. It was a night of fitful dreams and you swear someone called your name, out there in the forest.

And you wonder how it is that three days later, you’re still able to pick up this station.

Know why I love fall in the desert?

Because I'm out on my front patio, working on a podcast project on my laptop, listening to chill tunes on @TheHypnagogue. Got my hoodie on, it's cool and gorgeous, and the entire mood is restful.

I can't wait to see the analytics for how much more traffic the Brazzers network got while YouTube was down.

Well, since YouTube is down, you can always listen to my drivel at

Library technology, librarians in space, oh... and there's that AM radio station broadcasting out of 194nfuh513..IF#Rf...0r23f##! [NO CARRIER]

Holy shit... YouTube is down. Like, for real.

Well, folks. I guess the purge has begun.

Still humping the American Dream, that vision of the Big Winner somehow emerging from the last-minute pre-dawn chaos of a stale Vegas casino. ~Hunter S. Thompson

Me, when I put a quarter in something, I wanna shoot aliens or something. I guess that’s why I think casinos are boring.


A restless night in an inexpensive motel, a quick breakfast, and you’re putting the miles behind you. The day passes without incident, but what will evening bring? Another long drive past corn fields and farms. And as the sky darkens, the traffic thins. The radio stations become fewer, and often overwhelmed by static.

But there’s one station that’s coming in clearly….

WRTH - AM 800

This poor guy at the Starbucks can't get Siri to work on his iPhone.

It might be because he's calling her Suri.

Thankfully,I think his girlfriend has noticed this issue.

I just totally wrote a script to write SQL for me. Not because I know what I'm doing with SQL, but because I didn't know how to write this query without replacing a bunch of parameters over and over again.

So I did what I usually do: Automate the sucker.

Just The Rolling Stones alone. It's like, guys, how can I love you if you don't go away?

I see a red door and I want you to stop doing albums, please.

~Merlin Mann

And that's why I'm cleaning coffee off my keyboard.

It’s getting dark outside. Better hit the road and get some miles behind you. Can’t find anything on the FM, maybe there’s something on AM?

WRTH -AM 800

*Taps 🎤 * if you're designing for college students, many may not have their own laptops. Those that do may not have _nice_ laptops/computers. Test. Your. Stuff. In. Computer. Labs. Test on free library computers. What looks great on your BEAUTIFUL designer/developer Mac may look like shit on these.

Hey all you web designers out there! I see you! I see you there, hiding behind your MacBooks!

It's your old pal, Uncle Danny, with a hot tip you may have missed:

If the input field for your two factor authentication page doesn't have focus on page load?


Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!

And don't click on the llama at the Internet Archive!

SON OF A..!. What in the FLYING...?! Why won't this damn site load correctly in this browser?! Stupid piece of...

Oh wait, a privacy and ad blocking extension was to blame. It was doing its job.

Adjusted. Reloaded. Dialed back on my coffee intake thereafter.

Welcome to the first day of the road trip.

You're on the air with WRTH - AM 800. Tonight we're talking about a ghostly corner of the web, where time stands still, and volumes of nearly forgotten lore await your discovery.

It's October.

The light is fading as you finish your coffee and buckle in to the driver's seat.

It's dark, you're alone, with only a single AM radio station to break the silence.

WRTH - AM 800

The road trip begins tomorrow.

Old tweet: Friend is an editor at an OA journal. A concerned citizen just let them know their security is broken & PEOPLE CAN JUST READ YOUR ARTICLES!