Do you ever think about everything that's possible in your browser? Most websites are bloatware and overkill and such but also holy cats, the browser, right???

The Woodbury Wildfire as seen from Mesa, AZ. It tripled in size yesterday and has burned over 40,000 acres.

And after a first pass through my inbox, I was able to act upon, respond to, file, and delete a massive number of emails.

And out of the 219 I began with, I now have 12 that require more in depth work.

Not too bad, really.

All right then. First day back from vacation. 219 emails in my inbox. Let's see how long it'll take to drop that number below 100.

In the last four hours sitting on the back porch of my friends’ Tennessee home, I’ve seen more cardinals than in 14 years of living in Arizona. I’ve seen more cardinals on a Glendale football field than I have in the forests of Arizona.

Around here, they’re fairly common!

Easily one of the best IPAs I’ve had in a while! The Shityeah IPA from Crown Winery in Humboldt, TN. 😃🍺

alcohol, limerick 

Somewhere, a few hundred miles off the coast of Nantucket, there’s a ship. It may be a freighter, or a tanker, or a cruise line or something.

What’s important is, that’s where it’s five o’clock. And I’m having a beer based upon their time zone.

Hey can anyone in the Fediverse recommend a good Mastodon app for the iPad? I use Amaroq on my iPhone and I seriously like it, but it’s an iPhone only app and doesn’t scale very well to iPad.

‪According to the disclaimer at the bottom of this ad on Hulu, I should not attempt to soar above the Earth while clinging to a single red balloon.‬

‪You know, it’s not so much that the ad is stupid, but that it also assumes that viewers of the ad are just as stupid.‬

This is one of the better takes I’ve ever heard on the subject of British politics. 😂

I recently started listening to a podcast about military history and war movies. The hosts are amazing, and they crack each other up on the regular! 😂

‪“Are you a bargain shopper?” asked the PA system at my local Goodwill. ‬

‪I’m at a *Goodwill.* I’m ain’t here looking for the latest iPhone. ‬

‪I feel like they may not know their audience too well. ‬

When you run almost every day in the Arizona sunshine, you can’t help but take on a two-tone appearance.

So Microsoft is working on a thing called Minecraft Earth, an augmented reality Minecraft where you can use your smartphone to build persistent AR structures.

The dream: Huge, interconnected Minecraft castles and super architecture.

The reality:

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