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When you still have your solar eclipse app from a year ago and it’s not programmed to know the difference between years.

"Most websites are about delivering content. HTML is amazing for this and you DON'T NEED JAVASCRIPT."

I would like to marry this post. 👰

#progressiveenhancement #inclusivedesign

Really active weather this morning in the Phoenix area! It’s rare to see lightning this early, and it’s cloud to ground too. Could make for an interesting day at work. ⛈


Hello! Could one of you please add me to the following lists on Trunk?

* FLOSS - I write code targeting Linux

* Librarians - 22 years in libraries

* Linux - I write code targeting Linux

* Podcasts - I'm the host of the Cyberpunk Librarian podcast

* Retro Gaming - I'm working on a retro gaming cataloguing project

LIBRARIANS OF MASTODON (freakin' killer punk band name, by the way):

Check out Trunk, a list of Mastodon lists on Community Wiki! They've got lists of different people to follow on Mastodon but the GLAM lists are either pretty short or non-existent. Hit up the Wiki and get added to the list(s) of your choice!

this is peak 2018
RT Antivirus software maker abuses DMCA to take down a presentation in YouTube because they didn’t like how a security researcher disclosed bugs in their product. cc ⁦@doctorow⁩

I've been looking at MARC records the better part of the day, basically diving into how they work, how they're created, and all of that.

I've read MARC for a couple of decades, edited a couple of records here and there, but never wrote my own. So I figured I'd do a little learning.

And yup... back to Dublin Core. Thanks.

Boost This Picture of Xena and Seven of Nine to raise awareness of the Nineties

Some people get immense satisfaction from writing some code and seeing the thing that they made actually work as expected. And I do too.

But seriously? I'm even happier when I see that the mathematical stuff written to the GUI actually adds up properly.

Phoenix PD uses those tiny Smart cars for parking enforcement. They have the standard markings of a cruiser and a lightbar on the roof.

Every time I see one, I think of the You’re Under Arrest anime.

So it turns out, Google keeps tracking your location even after you turn off location tracking.

Why do I find this completely and utterly unsurprising?

Dear Library Vendor,

It's just a little bit tacky to send me an ad to buy a whole bunch of a musician's works based on the fact that the musician just recently died.

And by a "little bit tacky" I mean, "absolutely abhorrent."

Look, I don't want a "digital wife," I want Cortana. And I don't meant that bullshit "smart assistant" Microsoft shoehorned into Windows 10.

Holographic "digital wife" now on sale for $1352

To anyone out there using 2 factor authentication that would like to go open source, I'd just like to let you know I've been using available on @fdroidorg and it have been working perfectly.

Them: "We need this thing to be double sided, but receipt printers don't duplex. Or at least our receipt printers don't."

Me: "They do if you can fold, and I can use a text transform to flip the text upside down."

Them: "Oh!"

mx sandperson
you like cucumbers
you travel single file
to hide your numbers

Morris Day and The Time never specified if they were using Daylight Saving or not.


Will write ILS automation scripts in AutoHotkey for coffee.