Spotted on Reddit: So this is a shower for kids. Not only is it terrifying, but why did they decide to put the valve handle in that location?

"GOOD GAWD DID I FORMAT THIS CODE?! I must've been drunk as hell!" I said, taking another sip from my gas station cup of Coke Zero and Sailor Jerry.

If you're not looking like a sick ass karate hobo by the end of this "almost apocalyptic thing" crisis, you're not getting the best of it...

Can’t get a hair cut due to COVID-19 and all the shops being closed. (And the shops SHOULD be closed .)

I'm not worried about it, but I'm getting kinda shaggy. I've never let my hair grow out, and I shaved my head for years, so that's not a problem. So should I:

This photo keeps showing up on Reddit as part of a "Join the Navy" ad campaign.

Every time I look at it I think "The Wiggles are back and they're pissed off."

Wait a second met opera on demand, you're telling me this ISN'T weird al?

Normally, you wouldn't find me singing the praises of Microsoft, but I have to be honest: Visual Studio Code is freakin' sweet. It's the bee's knees. It's the cat's ass. It's the mutt's nuts. And it's the tit's tits.

A few days ago I learned that it had a built-in SSH client and it changed my entire workflow. 🤓

Big thanks to Merlin Mann for calling out public library digital services as a way to help you get through self-isolation and social distancing! 💜

I found an old book in a digital format.

Specifically, as a TIF file.

Anyone who renders an eBook as a TIF file would go to a minister’s funeral dressed in feathers.

While I really like Eero and how it handles a network, it sometimes fails silently in the background. I'll have incoming traffic and that's fine, and outgoing is fine, but all my port forwarding just freaking *dies.*

Since all other Internet things are working, I'm troubleshooting virtual servers instead of rebooting the Eero. 😠

Over the last few days, thanks to repetition and a bit of SQL code from a friend who's also an ILS Admin?

I can close a damn library for weeks, and it only takes about fifteen minutes. It sucks that's a statistic I suddenly know.

@cyberpunklibrarian @kiesa Hey, we had roughly 4× check outs too yesterday for our last opening day for three weeks.

Things were crazy, I was supposes to leave at 4pm, but stayed at the main desk for 45' because I know I am the more efficient at working quickly, as there was the longest line I have ever had. I left it when things seemed to calm down, but as I was thinking of leaving, a new wave came… With another colleague we had to receive into our office to register returns and check outs because the main desk was overwhelmed. And despite being three doing check outs instead of one, we closed at 6:15pm, 15' late, and I only turned the lights off, closed the door and left the building at 6:45. I also heard that the library at a neighbouring town had to close their doors, because there was too many people.

Schools are closing, so here too people came to take books for the children.

One problem was that the decision to close was made like one hour after opening, and as the manager had so far been burying her head into the sand, so we had absolutely no plan on how to manage things if we closed. So I spent hours saying "So, yeah, the return date on the tickets is during the closing period, we haven't had the time to figure things out yet, I can only assure you we will make it so you won't be late". And yeah, returns are going to be rough, although many patrons were understanding and already thinking about spreading returns through times.

Next week, I will have to dive into our ILS to see what is doable…

coding is shit. all i want is revenge

watching a resolver
contact a resolver
to ask an external contractor
to perform the task

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