Earlier tonight, I posted a link to a site that is scoring mastodon sites based on their threat score. Using things like violence, socialism, and polygamy as data points to score instances.

I removed the link, because they are a known entity that we can use for Projekt:ONI.

Let me take a moment to describe Projekt:ONI.

We are working on a detection and response system to detect listeners on the fediverse. It is in it’s very early stages... but essentially we will be compiling statistics in order to find targets that are likely surveillance operations, and then alerting the fediverse.

Think of it as an AI/ML system to keep snoops out of our shit.

You’re welcome.

I have had a beer. I am currently imbibing a strong Sailor Jerry and Coke Zero. Only one thing to do.

Let’s push some commits to this git repo. What could possibly go wrong? 🤓

A peek into my mind - I found a picture of a cat on Reddit. And here's where my brain went with it.

Oh my gosh y'all, today is the day my game, Snake People: A Game of Anticipatory Grief went up on Kickstarter as part of ! Threading unlocked.


A few days ago I came to the realisation that the solution to my confounding mouse and mousepad problems was a bigger mousepad. I tooted about a huge mousepad, more like a mousemat, I found on Amazon and how I'd added that thing to my cart right away.

Yesterday, it arrived. So I wrote about it, and threw in a "How I Work: Workstation Edition" guide, just for fun.


just had a galaxy brain moment over here that understaffing of the public sector is a deliberate choice made in capitalist economies, not simply an accident or unfortunate circumstance.

Holy crap, they actually make that. And it has a goofy cartoon giraffe on it.

Added to my cart, beloved. I am dead serious about this:


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I have had... AN EPIPHANY.

Here's what I need, like, right now. I need mousepad material. You know, that foam/rubbery backed stuff that's got a layer of plastic over it? I need that... but I need it to be the width of my desk and a third of the depth of my desk.

That way all three of these damn mice will work anywhere on the front of this desk.

I suppose I could buy trackballs, but this is no time for thinking things through.

I saw an ad on YouTube today hawking a USB flash drive that TOTALLY SPEEDS UP your computer... by booting into a Linux desktop running on the flash drive. Pretty sure it was a modified LXDE desktop.

Beloved, don't buy that. You can put Linux on your own flash drive for free.

Thanks to a great question from @snype, I've been working with a new app (new to me) to plan some writing and map out my thoughts. And because of that question, I have the mindmap and outline for episode 59 of Cyberpunk Librarian! 😎

I blurred things a bit so as not to completely spoil the show!


Eight new library cards have been added to The Card Catalogue! Thanks to Jackson County, OR and Logan County, KY! If you want to send in an image/scan of your library card, I'd love to add it!



'New: leaked documents, data, contracts show how hugely popular antivirus Avast now harvests internet browsing data and sells it for millions of dollars. Clients included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft. Documents show a product called "All Clicks Feed"'

(RT twitter.com/josephfcox/status)/1221796061678694401)

You can be funded by Google or Facebook or some other surveillance capitalist, or you can advocate for human rights and democracy. Pick one.

Find yourself an Irish pub with old brick walls.

With exposed pipe and comfy chairs in dimly lit alcoves.

Find yourself an Irish pub with rebel decor and a right proper Irish flag.

With pool and darts, where the craic is ninety and the laughter high.

Where they serve Smithwicks and Guinness and a local IPA that isn’t that good but you don’t mind.

Find yourself an Irish pub where they play rock, folk, and Billy Joel.

And then, find yourself in that pub.

Sláinte, ya magnificent bastards.

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