selfie with eye contact 

New glasses! I can SEE! And I can read without changing glasses! 馃

BASICODE 2 was used in the early 1980s to transmit programs for a dozen brands of home computer over the radio. I've found a copy, scanned the manual, digitised the tape, and written a demodulator to convert the programs to text files.

Manual here:

Updated Useful Polaris SQL repo on GitLab:

Added a query to pull a list of users on the Polaris system along with their most recent login date. Useful for cleaning out old/inactive accounts.

And now for something completely different:*

Vishten - Tobie Lapierre

* It's not that different. Those who know me and what I normally listen to? They'd think this was more of the same. Either way, much 馃挏 for Visht猫n.

For now, it's 07:24 local and thus time to fire up my RSS reader and get pissed at the news.

Surely there's an iOS app that takes the "Five O'Clock Somewhere" philosophy to its logical conclusion and, based off your current location, will tell you exactly where on Earth it's five o'clock.

I don't need such a thing, but I'd be happy to know it exists.

That moment when you pop your neck and it's so loud that the dogs look up at you to make sure you're okay.

what do you call someone without mastodon? 

Socially destitoot.

@plush_bot is criminally under-followed. Seeing a new plush friend about every hour is really nice :blobcatmelt:

@murph @TauAs
Write better software and help people write better software.

Also stop writing software for megacorps and target low income users instead.

And don't buy shiny new crap. Don't reward corporations for creating more waste.

Looking for somewhere to buy DRM-free ebooks, digital comics, magazines, and RPG?

Here are 271 bookshops for you to browse!

i have developed a truly marvelous algorithm for determining whether an arbitrary program will halt which this post is too small to contain

Closing Firefox so I can reboot the computer:

Firefox: You are about to close 52 tabs.

Me: Ummm... maybe I should do some clean up and triage right quick.

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