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Cyberpunk Librarian

When you’re prepping for the , apparently Ross Dress for Less has your back.

Citizens are not even supposed to be consciously aware of this place, so they could not possibly be receiving a menacing and unearthly voice instructing listeners to bring precious metals and toddlers here.

Listening to Do By Friday and they’re talking about scoot scoots. So I check out the scoot scoot site to get more info.

Where am I buying this from again?

So I’ve seen a couple of stories in my feeds where people are excited about a new podcasts app Google is working on. OMG GOOGLE PODCASTS!

Hey. HEY. Ya remember, I mean, do you even recall Google Listen? Remember that?

Next up, a new service tentatively named Google RSS. 🤔

New Apple Watch face for 🌈 and black pupper. She’s pretty chill this evening.

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I normally don't talk about podcast drama, but this one made me tilt my head like a dog hearing a strange noise.

A few months ago, the podcast network This Week in Tech (aka TWiT) sued Twitter for trademark infringement.

Predictable results ensued.

All work and an ILS reboot make Dan a dull boy.

From The Verge: Google promises ethical principles to guide development of military AI

"We've got a kinder, gentler machine gun hand."
~Neil Young

"Hang on while Windows reports the problem to Microsoft..."

Yes, indeed. I'm sure Microsoft will be thrilled to hear about the ILS Staff Client freezing, forcing me to shut it down from Task Manager.

You ever have a moment where your code just suddenly works? And you'd swear on anything; bibles, mom's grave/life, all that's holy, to god, whatever; that you ALREADY WROTE THAT GODDAMN CODE AND IT DIDN'T WORK LAST TIME YOU TRIED IT?

Tonight at Sonic you can get a Blue Slush along with a blue screen.

That's right, folks. Keep on buying those cylinders that listen to every word you say but also happen to be decent timers and interfaces to Wikipedia. Your data is perfectly safe. It wouldn't ever be accidentally transmitted to a third party.

Oh. Oops:

OMG Check this out!

Just a Normal Day at Jen's Library is a whimsical video game where you help Jen tidy the library and answer questions about databases. BTW, it's a haunted library, so don't let the ghosts kill you!

There is a new episode of Cyberpunk Librarian in the works! I've got so many cool things to tell y'all about too! Personal projects, nifty new software for libraries, and even MORE than that!

Just a quick toast to the sunset and another day on the planet. Be grateful, kids. Sometimes all you need is beer and a sunset.

Back in my day, we called this the Degeneration X.

Dave the dove still hangs out at my place. He’s never shown any real fear towards me. Perhaps he remembers the time I put him back in his nest?