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Cyberpunk Librarian

"Walking In On The Breach"
- When a pentester bumps into an adversary and interrupts an active intrusion.

A Christmastime Fireside Chat & Story

Listen to the one-hour holiday special on the #PurpleSquadSec podcast with @JohnsNotHere and @tinker here:

#hacking #infosec #podcast

I'm trying to convince my dad to buy an iPhone and Apple Watch for this very reason.

He had a silent heart attack. He had the supreme good fortune of being at the doctor's office when it was discovered he was having a heart attack RIGHT THERE.

One more music comment, because she just came up in my rotation.

I'm pretty sure I could listen to Emily Smith sing the business section of the New York Times.

I have a weird mental tick. Nothing too heavy, but it's there, and it follows me.

See, every time I open Microsoft Word, I hear a single, lonely musician in the back of my head. And they're playing The Sounds of Silence.

Look, you can totally play piano and drums with shoes on. I'm not even going to say that you're doing it wrong if you do it that way.

I will say that, for me, trying to play piano or drums while wearing shoes is kinda like trying to type while wearing oven mitts.



Imagine all the pictures that will be posted in people with horsemask

This is a thing.

It exists.

It was brought into the world knowingly, and *on purpose.*

@snype @cyberpunklibrarian Indeed. The public library is a great resource. I dare say that it combined with over the air TV and/or various free and legal streaming services and you can ditch cable for nearly no cost.

@cyberpunklibrarian just saying thanks for your last podcast episode. I knew about Overdrive and books, but I didn't know about being able to watch movies, listen to audiobooks, etc. Good find, thanks!

Wait a minute...

Outlook. As in Microsoft Outlook. The desktop app.

Doesn't support's two factor authentication?

And I need to create an app specific password?

Outlook needs a special password for Outlook?

A little practicing on Reflections of Passion. Yes I love Yanni. Don’t @ me. You should know by now my tastes in music are suspect.

Adding up the kilometers. A little here and there and I’m at a half marathon.

Remember before Yahoo? Remember Flickr before Yahoo? Remember Tumblr before Yahoo?

Want to hear me on a podcast that's set in the world of Invisible Sun? Well, here ya go:

Before you can run a marathon, you need to run half a marathon. Before you run half a marathon you must run a quarter of a marathon.

Did that. Plus 2k extra.

It occurs to me that maybe I should try and do some training to run a marathon. πŸ€”

I should add that ProtonMail and ProtonVPN are having an ongoing Cyber Monday deal and so I'm like "oh snap I meant to look into this yesterday" and checking it out.

Tried a new tactic with an ILS automation script I was bitching about yesterday.

Rather than handling an error gracefully, I rewrote the subroutine to ensure the error never occurs.

Then, I rewrote the rest of the script to be event based and quadrupled its speed. If it gets through this batch, and the next one, without any errors, I'll update the repo. That'll be well over 600 records it'll have successfully processed. πŸ€“