Here's something you don't hear too often:

R2's got the biggest pair of timpani I've ever seen.


It’s hard to get a perspective in a photo like this. So I’ll simply tell you that this spider is 2.5 inches long and the web is around two feet across. 🕷

alcohol and cider recommendation 

Blueberry Spaceship Box by Superstition Cider. A crisp cider with a blueberry kick. I have a feeling this is the kinda thing Gaelic Storm sings about when they sing about the Johnny Jump Up. Sláinte, ya pole dancing polka fiends!

I like Christopher Meloni. You probably like Christopher Meloni. (Or you might be souless, I dunno.) Here he is in a video for Roy Rogers fast food. I think he's, 18 years old maybe? 🤣

RT @TheBaseBK
Black Panther comrade Kevin Rashid Johnson is facing horrendous repression at the hands of the pigs. Please call in or email immediately. Its urgent as he stated that the state is actively trying to kill him.

So I don't want to know what any of these books are about, because it's far more fun to make up my own plotlines. For instance, Fire and Ice: He's a volunteer firefighter, she's the captain of the hockey team. It's gonna be difficult to sweep her off her feet when she just keeps skating away.

This xkcd comic is legitimately one of the best science puns I've ever heard. And I've heard quite a few, dear hearts.

I play drums, sure. I play surf rock, pop, and occasionally a bit of jazz. And I need you to understand that I could practice every day for the rest of my life and never come close to anything Joe Morello could do.


Another successful trip to Arizona! Drink local, even if you moved to another state! Sláinte, ya contrarian librarians. 🍺

Got a fantastic present for my birthday! This is an M-Audio Keystation 88 mk II MIDI controller! Plugged it into my Mac last night, fired up Logic Pro X, and had a lovely time playing on a full digital keyboard for the first time in YEARS. 😃

alcohol. beer recommendation. 

Four Peaks White Ale, a Belgian style witbier that invokes autumn, a turn of the season. Sweet, spicy, as crisp as a fall evening.

When Warren County schools opened on August 24 it was their first day of in-person school and my kids' first day of virtual school.

It was also the first day a student at the in-person schooling tested positive for COVID-19.

looking for the perfect sticker to vandalize a cop car or city building with? well look no further, these bad boys will make the ruling class quake in their boots, and they're now only $2 + free shipping on my etsy! :guillotine: :acab:

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