Gigi Grenouille would like to wish you a good morning and a peasant day.

Are you a librarian using Polaris ILS?

Do you like the Content Carousels but desire more customisation options? Would you like to be able to do something like this?

Then join the III IdeaLab and vote for my idea!

Idea: We need to rename a department, specifically the department that promotes, advertises, and publicizes the library and its collection.

We should call that the MARCeting Department.


I'll... I'll get my hat and see myself out.

Okay, Electric Libraryland, I have a poll topic. Which one is the right one for you?

We were somewhere around the Rockit Factory, on the edge of the neighborhood, when the drugs began to take hold.

I got some more pics when the sun came out! I am so dang happy with this! it was such a big undertaking in such an awful year and it's for someone I care a lot about and I really wanted it to be this beautiful.

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What in the hell is up with the names of these fireworks? One was called Toes in the Sand. This other one was Hay Fever. Dancing Sombrero?

I’m gonna start my own fireworks company and we’ll have fireworks called Ana Falaxis, Bourgeois Pig, Big McHugelarge, and Irish Pub Brawl.

I won't name and shame, but when I Google something and your website comes up, and there's a CDATA tag in the results because you didn't write your ColdFusion properly... I just shake my head.

I mean... dammit, babe. You're still running ColdFusion? You poor bastard.

@cyberpunklibrarian This is from the 1980s, before there were car radios. If you wanted music for your drive, you invited the band to sing along from the backseat.

Little known fact.

@cyberpunklibrarian Interesting.

"In 1985, he [Nimoy] played the part of the chauffeur in The Bangles’ music video Going Down to Liverpool; this came about due to Nimoy being a friend of Tamar Simon Hoffs and Susanna Hoffs’ family."

Sure you're cool, but you're not as cool as Leonard Nimoy driving around with The Bangles in the backseat.

I'd like to announce my new book, a nonfiction work titled:

Your Device Will Restart Outside of Active Hours and Other Lies My Computer Told Me

My dog, the derp. I’d say something funny but damn, she looks like how I feel.

Here lies John McAfee: whalefucker, murderer, hacking target, and occasionally, computer programmer

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