How many music videos do you have stored locally (on your house network, phone, computers, etc)?

I'm part of a Costco forum and someone posted a question yesterday. They were looking for a printer that didn't use too much ink and asked if anyone had any recommendations.

I do: Buy a laser printer.

Cory Doctorow explains *why.*

The rich get richer. The big get bigger.

And the consolidation continues.

Penguin Random House to Buy Simon & Schuster

You might be 80s, but you'll never be as 80s as Cyndi Lauper hanging out with Hulk Hogan, Muhammad Ali, Liberace, and Wendi Richter.

So yesterday I learned there was a show that ran on FX for a single season. It was some mystery/comedy thing called Terriers. Never heard of it, but someone recommended the theme song.

And holy shit this song SLAPS.

Darwin's notebooks have been stolen, a mystery has been solved, and brains are kinda like galaxies.

All that and more with today's Cybersylvanian.

I would like to introduce you fine people to The 512KB Club. #512Club


Cline hyped up the similarities to the Roblox event in a press release, saying, “Roblox is the closest thing to the Oasis in real life, and this contest is the closest thing to the treasure hunt in my book.”

What shameless marketing!

Explains a lot that he would say this instead of a metaverse-like construct.

Greed or noob?

Post on a Costco forum:

"I’m in the market for a good printer that doesn’t use up so much ink. Any recommendations?"

Me: Yes. Buy a laser printer.

Surely someone has made a hacked/homebrew conversion of a Super Mario Bros game and turned it into a Super Marx Bros game, right? I mean Groucho is player one and Chico is player two. Groucho is all running funny with a cigar in his mouth?

That's certainly a thing, right?

Good morning, you glorious nerds. Speaking of nerds: Mac nerds. And speaking *to* Mac nerds:

Y'all have any opinions regarding Blocs vs RapidWeaver? I wanna make some fun little websites, but I don't wanna write a lot of code so... thoughts about WYSIWYG website software?

Evlyn is a really cool artist for RPGs and the like and she's just posted her map drawings here: and I think they're all open for your use/reuse though you can commission ones from her too.

Her doodles and mini games are here: chaudronchromatique.blogspot.c

GitHub reinstates youtube-dl because the RIAA was embarrassingly full of shit, Cyberpunk RED, and some idiot's idea to spyware on library computers to monitor for "copyright infringement."

All that and more on today's Cybersylvanian.

Anyone else get up from the computer wearing their "computer glasses" and then wander around for, like, 20 minutes wearing them and ignoring the fact that the world is blurry and smeared like your vision might be after an evening at the pub?

Or just me?

Gawd I miss the pub.

Saw an ad for some kinda pan that proclaimed to be 40% lighter than similarly sized cast iron pans.

I mean, no shit. My pickup truck is 40% lighter than a similarly sized cast iron pan.

FUN FACT! Getting gas at one of those pumps with a goddamn TV in it? On almost all of these pumps, the circled button mutes the sound. At least you don’t have to listen to that crap.

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