It has been, apparently, quite some time since I last updated Homebrew on my Mac Mini server. Then again, one of the reasons I'm updating it is because I can't even remember if I installed SyncThing on this box or not.

After studying kanji for years, finally I know all the characters to write JLPT in Japanese:

日 = sun, day
本 = origin, book
日 + 本 = Japan

語 = language, word
日 + 本 + 語 = Japanese language

能 = talent, skill
力 = power, strength
能 + 力 = ability, proficiency

試 = try, attempt
験 = testing
試 + 験 = examination

Combining everything together:

日本語能力試験 = Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Living in AZ for fourteen years, I didn’t realize how much I missed seasons until moving someplace that has them.

The Spotify desktop application: Where there's always an update but nothing changes.

Toot! v1.10 has been released!

It's been quiet a while because I've been dealing with a lot of life, but finally, v1.10 is here! This release is mainly focused on accessibility, which I've been neglecting so far. This version makes a bunch of improvements to that on the main screens of the app, if you have iOS 13. It's not perfect yet, but I hope to do a few more accessibility-related releases in the future if I get some good feedback on what needs doing!

Michigan woman faces jail time after returning library books two years late.

As we all know, the way you welcome new and returning patrons to the library is to threaten arrest and jail time over two books that are so common, they're never out of print.

I clean up okay. I get dirty pretty well, too. (For the record I didn’t bring down this tree. It fell during a storm.)

I don’t know what the truth is.

I just know it’s out there.


It wouldn't surprise me if there were a connection...

basically, Bio department started experimenting with creating genetically white squirrels... and animal right student let them all go... is is a recessive gene, but apparently white squirrels don't consider grey squirrels... well... squirrels. So they largely only breed with each other...

Ironic commentary on race relations aside...


Ah yes... WKU's 70's ERA genetics program...

I know the stories about those squirrels... it's mildly disturbing in it's implications.

Another denizen of the running park: this beautiful white squirrel.

New blog post - Regarding the wonderful creatures who I share a space with. Foxes, deer, squirrels, and at least one opossum.

One minor side effect of the California fires was an outage of some of our ebooks. This impact is nothing like what people in California experience.

However, if we're building a digital platform, library, etc., what does it mean when this can happen?

We will have to stop pretending we are somehow ahead of other parts of the world that have already experienced crises and learn from them instead.

I wrote an article about the influence of 7th-century classical #Japanese poetry on the "Ghost in the Shell" theme songs.


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