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Hi, I'm Anna. I do and things at a small liberal arts university. In my spare time, I in two women's choruses, play on two teams (one of which I manage), volunteer at a community station, and watch/listen to games. I also like , , and .

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Do you have a webcomic or two that you really enjoy?

@auntiekiki Can I change a POL type if it’s a serial item and not one-time? ie, change from continuation to subscription

I need to find a new webhost. I feel lost and overwhelmed by this.

I finally created a macro to help me with a DDA process and that's the win for the day.

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@annacreech It’s not easy to take a good selfie of one’s deltoid, but for the Tweety Bird bandage, I did my best.

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I have done my part for herd immunity this year, finally.

It is too dang early for coworker to be playing gospel Christmas music.


An afternoon meeting at the Law Library means I get red pepper gouda soup from the cafe at the neighboring business school. A late lunch break workout right before the meeting means I'm eating the soup now and it's everything I had been looking forward to.

I spent most of today with colleagues from around the state, continuing to refine our metrics and formulas to determine what is a fair price for journal packages based on our priorities that we can then bring to negotiations, and it continues to be a surprisingly life-giving experience.

One of the campus dining locations has chicken pot pies topped with chimichuri sauce and I’m not packing any lunches this week.

I had some small, decorative soaps, so I used one in my downstairs half-bath, and now my friends and family think I need small, decorative soaps.

460 classified print serials now added to our journal locator that weren't listed before. 351 more records to check. Many of these are probably one-offs purchased as monographs, but the MARC format is serial, so I have to check the holdings for each one just in case.

Still a pet peeve: sales reps who show up early for a scheduled meeting.

I get that you probably want to arrive early just in case you have parking or other issues, but grab a coffee, use the toilet, or take a breather until it's time to meet. Especially if it's with more folks here than just me. It will save us all ten or fifteen minutes of awkward conversation while we wait for my colleagues to arrive in the conference room at the scheduled meeting time.

If you've ever wondered why the library's A-Z databases page contains marketing text from the vendors as the descriptions of the resources, it's because the eresources librarian gave up asking the research and instruction folks to provide useful, localized descriptions whenever they commanded a link be added.

Also, I would love to contract a serials cataloger to come enhance all of our old serials records. Dunno if it will matter when we move to Alma, but it makes me so sad to look at many of them and know there's so much more information to convey than what is in the existing record (i.e. title change history).

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When I was importing today's batch to our print holdings in SerSol, their checksum on an ISSN caught an error that was in our catalog record. The OCLC record is correct, which is how I found the ISSN for a title too generic to be easily found in Ulrichs.

This whole project is giving me all sorts of feels about serials librarianship. So many places where things can fall through the cracks. Having good tools to identify and fix them is essential.

I've found lots of public notes (|z) that should be private (|x) in holdings records that predate our migration to Voyager in 2001. It brings me a small bit of joy to clean them up. I'm sure they're confusing to any user who might happen to stumble across them (e.g. "rec'd in Acq 9/23").

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