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Hi, I'm Anna. I do and things at a small liberal arts university. In my spare time, I in two women's choruses, play on two teams (one of which I manage), volunteer at a community station, and watch/listen to games. I also like , , and .

Feel kind of bad about making the food delivery person do their job in this rain, but I currently have no running water, so not super keen to try to make dinner myself this evening.

(The lack of water is not related to the rainfall. Apparently we have a line break nearby.)


Today's accomplishment: finishing off the 2lb container of cheese balls I bought at Costco three months ago. Still delicious.

On the one end, there are library services vendors who are asking about payment status before the invoice due date. On the other end, there are library services vendors who won't answer the phone or call back when you try to pay them.

The truth is that I really want a biscotti, so I'm having an afternoon coffee. The coffee is just the biscotti softening device.

Semi-regular reminder that if a job listing says that [thing] is required and said job is at an academic institution, it's a good bet that not including/mentioning [thing] will mean that your application is automatically removed from consideration.

Instead of getting frustrated with coworker asking me to provide information that will take time I don't have on this first day back from vacation, I pushed back and asked for when the information was needed (it's not urgent). Need to keep working on my own boundaries so I don't stress myself out when coworkers ask for things they don't realize are going to require more resources than I have at the moment.

Guess who cannot be required to do the cybersecurity training that staff must do every year? Faculty.

Guess who keeps getting phished, which was a factor in everyone now having to re-authenticate email every two weeks? Yeah. Same as above.

Then: Me in my late 20s & early 30s putting every half baked idea or opinion I have on a blog.

Now: Me in my mid 40s knowing too much about what I don't know to write anything but the occasional toot about nothing.

I love where I live, most of the time. We have just about everything I could ever want.


Except we don't have White Castle (or Krystal).

"if it's not a hell yeah it's a no" is not a phrase that i think works well for every sector of life but it absolutely applies to optional resume building stuff in academia

I kind of understand why accounts payable offices create friction when it comes to paying vendors, because you do want it to be a very deliberate thing. But I will never understand why vendors make it so damn hard to give them money.

I'm filling in on the Tuesday Breakfast Blend tomorrow morning. I'll be starting off with a little commentary from a 20th century poet, and then on to sharing songs from a stack of new albums and EPs. Streaming live from 6-8am Eastern on

Feeling pretty chuffed that I figured out how to quickly identify which POLs for databases needing price updates from last year's expenditure (to my knowledge - some of the renewal costs are still unknown) so I don't have to look up every possible POL. Also feeling like past self could be pretty clueless at times.

I've considered doing the same for serials, but most of them get paid in November and don't yet have final pricing, so there's less use for it.

I have 49 emails in my "you need to do something with these" folder and I want nothing to do with any of them today. I'm running out of productive avoidance tasks, though, so I'm probably going to have to dig in. Really connecting with this TikTok, tho.

Only 50 min to triage my inbox after two vacation days, a weekend, and a holiday. Not bad.

Now to dig into the invoices.

work griping 

Today it's an invoice that shows as paid in Banner, but there's no payment details and the vendor hasn't received payment. This was processed in March. Our operations manager (who handles the non-pcard payments) didn't notice that no payment information was listed, and just marked it paid in Alma. So, now we're following up on it with 15 days remaining in the fiscal year in stead of two months ago like it should have been done.

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