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Hi, I'm Anna. I do and things at a small liberal arts university. In my spare time, I in two women's choruses, play on two teams (one of which I manage), volunteer at a community station, and watch/listen to games. I also like , , and .

It’s the multitude of follow-up questions for every little collections decision that takes so much time.

Kicking things off the action item list and squashing the new things that come in. Down to four emails for today and 10 min to do them in, so probably bumping to Monday.

I took Facebook off my phone, and I’m kind of surprised and pleased by what happened.

I’m re-learning to play acoustic guitar, which basically means strumming a handful of easy tunes for 5-10 minutes a day to build up the callouses on my fingertips again so I can eventually actually play for real. Muscle memory on “Closer to Fine” surprised me.

Back at work after a week off. I opted to brew a cup of tea before opening Outlook, so I don’t yet know how many messages are waiting for me.

Feeling perhaps irrationally annoyed with a vendor who’s every communication with me includes copying in the UL.

Library societies and organizations that don't provide usage data or are still on COUNTER r3.

I have a zero meeting week this week. And next week I'm on vacation. I might be able to get the rest of the COUNTER reports downloaded by Friday!

Bread is baked and cooling. It’s smells good, so there’s that.

I’m making no-kneed bread this weekend for the first time in years. It’s been proofing for 16 hours, and the recipe recommends 12-18. I am remembering why I rarely make it.

I got caught up on a bunch of work for the radio station tonight, but it meant staying up too late because I ate dinner too late, and I’m not sure the trade-off was worth it. To be fair, I didn’t think it would take me that long.

It's been a relatively quiet week in my inbox, which means lots of time for COUNTER report gathering. I find it very satisfying, though not a task I want to do all the time.

When I woke up this morning it was raining, and then snowing big fluffy flakes, then sleet/raining. The rain stopped a couple hours ago and now the sun is out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"Who hurt you, once,
so far beyond repair
that you would meet each overture
with curling lip?
While we, who knew you well,
your friends, (the focus of your scorn)
could see your courage in the face of fear,
your wit, and thoughtfulness,
and will remember you
with something close to love."

--Ruth Zardo

I would have been in bed an hour ago, but Somecat horked up a hairball in the middle of it. Eventually I will acquire a second blanket to use as a backup for these situations that occur far more frequently than I would like.

How many hours of my life have I wasted unsubscribing for marketing emails I never signed up for?

Some stuff has happened at work over the past week that has made it very clear to me that I should not be in an administrative position. The level of workplace politics that has to be maintained, and the chess that is played, is not in my wheelhouse. I can and have been a leader, but not where the stakes are so high that the ethics are so low and the egos rule all.

I FOUND IT AGAIN! Maybe I can try saving it or making it a favorite or whateverthefuck they do in this thing.

I have a note to check the Summon top searches every couple of months and add appropriate keywords to databases so they appear as suggestions when users search them. Every time I go into the Summon usage reporting tool, I can't figure out what I did the last time to find this information, and I'm starting to suspect that more often than not I just say "fuck it" and mark the task done without actually doing anything. That's my inclination today, anyway.

Also, I’m sipping my second cup of tea. It’s so much more convenient to make at home. Gotta keep from brewing a third before lunch, I think.

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