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Hi, I'm Anna. I do and things at a small liberal arts university. In my spare time, I in two women's choruses, play on two teams (one of which I manage), volunteer at a community station, and watch/listen to games. I also like , , and .

My inbox has been reeeeallly quiet today. I'm not complaining, but that sudden shift from the go-go-go of the semester to the near stillness of the summer always catches me off-guard.

Sometimes I will read the Ask a Manager blog just to feel better about my workplace by comparison. I do feel some empathy for the folks with really awful bosses and coworkers, but also gratitude that my situation isn't so intolerable.

Closed an open POL for a serial that ceased in 1992. This thing made it through two (2!) ILS migrations that way!

I'm finally able to get back to cleaning up lingering POLs in Alma, and it feels so good to close the ones with canceled/ceased subscriptions, eliminating them from the claims list as well as the encumbrances on the funds. For various reasons, we did not close most of our POs in Voyager as a part of the cancelation workflow.

I probably should have known this, but I also realized there's an option to mark something as no charge, which fixes all the gift and government document POLs.

Laundry never ends. House cleaning never ends. And it's just me and one long-haired cat making all the mess.

The feeling of comfort and satisfaction I get from a tidy house is the only motivation I have these days.

I kept clicking the link and hoping this would come back, and here it is!

The inbox has been triaged. Now to remember what it is that I do every day at work.

If you're at all interested in knowing what was popular with DJs at a mid-Atlantic community radio station this year, yesterday I compiled our top 100 albums of 2020.

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Do you have a webcomic or two that you really enjoy?

@auntiekiki Can I change a POL type if it’s a serial item and not one-time? ie, change from continuation to subscription

I need to find a new webhost. I feel lost and overwhelmed by this.

I finally created a macro to help me with a DDA process and that's the win for the day.

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@annacreech It’s not easy to take a good selfie of one’s deltoid, but for the Tweety Bird bandage, I did my best.

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I have done my part for herd immunity this year, finally.

It is too dang early for coworker to be playing gospel Christmas music.

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