last night I imagined an archive ravaged by the damp of climate change, which had become host to an enormous fungal colony. Disappointed displaced researchers decided to at least eat the mushrooms for their supper.

Upon consuming the mushrooms which had fed on business records and diaries, a world exploded before their eyes. A thousand voices -- bureaucrats, artists, teenage girls, all the lived experiences which had gone into those records.

At first, it was an overpowering sensory experience. But, as they recovered, the researchers began to sample tiny slivers. They could not control what they experienced, but they could at least limit its degree.

For somehow, while feeding off the archival pulp, the fungal colony had also absorbed the affect buried deep within the objects.

April is Autism Acceptance Month. Here's your periodic reminder to NOT donate to Autism Speaks. They're a pro-eugenics organisation masquerading as a charity, and they don't have any autistic people on their board of directors. They do nor speak for me or other #ActuallyAutistic people.

SAA Leader Stuff 

SAA Leader Stuff 

Tara Robertson's keynote is up:

with slides + transcript + video of the talk!

Tara currently works at , but has been in libraries for years too.

It's my last week at this job, so I'm okay with doxxing myself.

The building I work in has a massive collection of contemporary art in the halls. This piece (Cameron Rowland's "Payroll") consists of 4 government desks built with prison labor.

Because the art looks exactly like the sort of desks one would find in a university building, my work has put up two separate bold-text signs: one warning the custodians not to clean them, and one warning the public not to sit on them.

I love this.

Going to test out some environmentally friendly toilet bombs for cleaning the toilets at the library tomorrow! Hopefully I can get staff on board and we can stop destroying the world a little bit at a time. 😂😁

Hot take: post-apocalyptic fiction is so popular because people desperately want to live lives that aren't yoked by capitalism, but are unable to even conceive of such a thing happening without the world ending first

tfw you're a hot sauce and you say "only one or two drops will do" like you're proud to be so utterly wrong

I am pretty skeptical about blockchain yet somehow I wound up on a state committee about it and am now sharing my ~*~*feelings~*~* about it on the library blog

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