every time I think I've found the wildest story about how energy companies simply refuse to share information with the public, I find something new that actually makes my jaw drop - but this parenthetical is glorious (baymills.org/resources/BMIC%20)

Leaving a conference early to go get a stamp in my National Parks passport, the Eira Tansey story.

Listening to oil and gas industry "thought leader" podcasts is a more hallucinatory experience than any drug that could possibly exist

behind every proud dignified woman is another proud dignified woman chanting dooo it dooo it doooo it

Elder care 

The only thing better than subscribing to environmental newsletters are oil and gas industry newsletters because that's where the truly wild stuff gets reported on

would it be dumb or cool if half of my powerpoint were just the screenshots of plaintive emails I send to environmental regulators and oil companies asking for information they probably won't give me

He had the decency to withdraw, but my god, WTF is in the water at Harvard, seriously

How am I only just now learning HARVARD tried to give accolades to Rick *($#*%(# Snyder, the man who presided over the poisoning of Michigan children? Harvard is one of the first in line to have its assets seized and redistributed in the revolution freep.com/story/news/local/mic

I only identify myself as a librarian when I ask for oil companies to speak with me because it's easier than explaining what an archivist is

This article on Fashionable Fatalism is reminding me of the article @stephestellar inked to on climate rage chronicle.com/interactives/201 And I'm also thinking of a Friend's recent observations on her trip to Honduras: "All the land defenders we met were women. We asked why, and they told us because they had nothing left to lose. The men were too busy holding on to their tiny morsels of privilege to be defenders." It's hard not to read fatalism as a luxury.

Hot take: sometimes it's way better to start your research at a state library than the state archives

Wow almighty this story has EVERYTHING relevant to my interests: the EPA, unions, environmental testing in Michigan, and the government trying to bully the union by withholding air testing records federalnewsnetwork.com/workfor

It hurts so much to see some of my archival heroes passing away

god i love when i need a map or an image or something annoying out of an obscure offsite box for a thing I'm working on and my fellow archivists come through hard for me. it's like the research version of when restaurant staff trade food with each other. <3 <3

if anyone's wondering how my week is going, our library website just migrated and broke a ton of records management stuff two weeks before I go on leave, Box is migrating to OneDrive this week, and a major library organization cited my work without actually, like, citing me for real. On the other hand.... my promotion goes into effect today.

Records, the carceral state & rape 

Records, the carceral state & rape 

Absolutely considering attending a GIS conference this year in which last year's program featured a session with the partial title "Herding Drones with Blockchains" 😬

seriously though, the drift of higher ed websites from performing multiple informational roles to the pressure of marketing to put everything internal behind Sharepoint's walled garden is one of the worst trends of all time and i don't get why there isn't more pushback

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