i love when i meet a new very smart friend and i casually drop the "oh yeah i love baseball" thing and they start gushing about what sports they also like, it's such a refreshing change from the "hurf durf SPORTS BALL!!!" thing that is actually super rude yet seen as totally socially acceptable among Smart People

I don't know much about Albert Hirschman, but I'm curious if any GLAM types have engaged with his "Exit, Voice, Loyalty" theory of institutional alienation? Because from the little I've read, it seems EXTREMELY relevant to the state of our field right now

idk when I'm going to SAA again but when I do I think I'm going to propose a panel about what it's like to be a left-wing records manager when you have to schedule records for things that your politics conflicts with, like law enforcement records. I've only ever heard Terry Baxter talk about this in public, and I'm deeply bored/tired of only hearing from people in collecting/curatorial roles on the politics of archives. If you haven't written a retention schedule, you have no idea.

love it when you think a reference question won't have a clear answer and then you find the proverbial smoking gun in a digitized student newspaper. Wish all archival research was this easy! (Also, the question was fun and extremely relevant to my interests which made it that much better)

Updated the RepoData map to include hurricane forecast layers. They used to be on there, not sure what happened! arcg.is/0fPKjX

decided instead of ruminating about things at work i literally cannot control when i wake up at 3 AM tossing and turning, I am going to engage in a little daydreaming world building about what a green new deal would look like IRL. Drifted back to sleep thinking about taking a bullet train to see my cousin in Grand Rapids.

One of the things that absolutely makes me reluctant to leave higher ed is the almost 2 weeks off between Christmas and New Years. It's like the closest I get to experiencing European vacation culture bc EVERYONE is off at the same time so you don't come back to an inbox full of nonsense.

Archivist writing revisions 

I wrote this paragraph when I was mad AF about some reviewer comments, and then cleaned it up. Why can't I write like this all the time.

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Archivist writing revisions 

Writing a banger of a paragraph folks

Ministry for the Future feels so different from the... whimsy? of New York 2140, but I am actually really glad I read New York 2140 first.

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gendered email 

I took a smiley face out of an email where I probably need to be more stern and serious, plz clap

heard through the grapevine that MPOW has 1600 open positions. Our workforce (not including student workers) is 10k.... so like 15% of our workforce is open??

thinking about the parallels between younger people inheriting the bad decisions/lack of inaction by prior generations on climate change, and how archivists experience a version of this too with bad appraisal/acquisition decisions from their predecessors

I started reading Ministry for the Future this morning on my bus commute, and extremely glad I did not start reading it before bed.

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love to spend library faculty meetings listening to people endlessly complain about 2FA

Update: finally finished New York 2140 last night, I have mixed feelings on KSR's character development but there was some fun stuff to chew on, I liked the Melville-fandom and very Moby-Dick like excursions, and the last chapter was great

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Retirement is leading reason for planning to leave, but burnout, low salary, and lack of career advancement are all clocking in for around 1/3 of those thinking of leaving

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the fact that 45% of the profession is actively or unsure about leaving is IMO the most fire alarm part of this report. Because what happens when people leave the profession? Their positions often disappear with them as well.

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Only a quarter of BIPOC archivists feel included in the profession compared with almost half of white archivists

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Thinking about the part of the survey where MLS holders are more likely to have student loan debt - I've always been under the impression that this is also exacerbated by the fact that GA/TA roles in MLIS programs are not as common as other graduate programs. Wish the report had many dug into this a bit.

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