us politics 

on the bright side, maybe this means we can destroy the center-liberal idea that anything a woman does can't be criticized because of choose your choice feminism.

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us politics 

can't wait to be gaslit by Republicans putting up a right-wing woman for RBG's seat and then crying "Look who are the REAL sexists now" this is going to trigger memories of bad ex-boyfriends who tried to lecture me on feminism, hurray!

Change my mind: workplaces are a microcosm of Trump's America 

Also: at some point humanities/social sciences faculty are going to have to deal with the fact that many (not all! there are notable and beautiful exceptions!) faculty from other disciplines Do Not Get It when it comes to the flows of power. The College of Business prof quote about "well things are good in my college!" is almost beyond parody

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Change my mind: workplaces are a microcosm of Trump's America 

Re: the UMich failed no-confidence vote: "Silke-Maria Weineck, a professor of German studies and comparative literature, said before the meeting, "There is so much going on it’s hard to keep track. It’s like the Trump presidency."" wow can I identify first-hand with this quote based on my own place of work

@amelish relevant to your "having conversations industrial complex" post

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I have a half written blog post about the coopting of listening by management, and this is such a good example of this kind of nonsense in action. It tells you that management thinks listening is actually a form of ceding power, instead of actually ceding any kind of decision-making authority

sad labor trombone 

It's so clear to me that my university is engaged in slow-motion efforts to break the unions, from privatizing housekeeping staff (AFSCME) to reclassifying SEIU positions out of their bargaining unit to increased precarity for faculty (AAUP). I'm glad I have tenure & a union and as chair of my library's faculty I'm doing what I currently can to push back on this but envisioning a future at an institution so wedded to perfecting the art of corporatization is demoralizing

Five months ago I asked what people’s plans were if the administration were to start shutting down parts of the internet

i don’t have any answers, and i’m beginning to think would probably be the time to start finding them

• we need video streaming apps that live upload to safe servers outside of the US

• we need ubiquitous, private, secure messaging across the wire and at rest

• and *we need meshes and networks that cannot be shut down at the government’s whims*

and it needs to be done now

i'm only just now encountering the book Disciplined Minds and wondering why this was not on my radar of " influential books I need to get around to reading one day." It seems like it has a lot of Barbara Ehrenreich vibes from what I've read about it. Is there a reason why it doesn't seem more widely known?

white people stuff 

also: 2 weeks of vacation! imagine! I sure cannot!

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white people stuff 

Motion to sanction white "leaders" who talk about their lake house boating adventures and their anti-racism reading on vacation. This is from the director of the regional clinical research alliance.

i am literally one grapevine unit of measurement away from writing an open letter on my blog to older white women in the profession who don't realize what an opportunity for mentorship they are missing when they enact hostile gatekeeping as an attempt to leave a legacy. I saw this so much with the SAA election and I am seeing it repeated again in my own organization right now.

This burnout CFP looks fascinating and I am very tempted to submit something to it

Has anyone from all of our new found interest in the 1918 pandemic encountered any lasting cultural changes that lingered for at least a few years after the worst of it was over? I feel like the big difference between then and now is a lot of cultural things will permanently change this time.

emotional labor 

I do so much talking to older white liberals/second wave feminists who are SO DEFENSIVE every time you point out "hey we need to talk about this thing you did" and these conversations never get easier or less exhausting aaahhhhhh

Sometimes it's fun to go back and think about how all these archivists in the late 1980s predicted we'd deal with electronic records issues by embedding archivists/RM into the beginning of the records creation lifecycle and wow that sure worked out well and successfully didn't it

Motion to ban people from wishing Happy Hannukah if they schedule anything during Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur


if we're watching the collapse of the postal service and schools before our eyes, y'all know libraries aren't far behind right

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