The Boston Red Sox laundry cart ride phenomenon is giving me so much wholesome life, i just can't get enough of how happy those players look

The pettiest thing I would do if I had endless amounts of money is to buy up the closest billboard next to every Christian evangelizing one and have it say "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine (Patti Smith)"

Superb timing for Facebook and Instagram to go down at the beginning of American archives month, I'd develop a personal digital archiving workshop to capitalize on the timing but I am going on vacation next week instead 😎

n=11 is fine for a very focused qualitative method case study. I am extremely skeptical about determining huge trends from a group that small though, especially considering the extreme disparities between the high and low ends of the ARL spectrum.

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Let me get this straight - ARL/CNI/Educause are bragging about this big new report on the state of technology in libraries based on a group of...... 11 respondents? What? Is this real life? Are you kidding me?

also i get that no one wants to give an honorarium to someone who's gonna bum out an audience

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i think a lot of this goes back to LIS professional identity psychology as a very practical field. It is both true that there are things we can do AND limits to what we can, and learning to live with what is beyond repair is too much for a lot of people's psychic loads to handle. Hence the "please end with what we can *do*" requests that organizers have sometimes pleaded with me to include

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also i've often felt pressure to "end on a hopeful note or with practical advice" in my climate change work and increasingly I'm like "bruh, I cannot, the only thing that will save us is full on revolution, sorry to sound like such a Marxist"

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this looks super intriguing and challenging!!! i've definitely seen how "ethics of care" discourse can be coopted by neoliberal forces.

why are there so many librarians out there who aren't using ISO 8601 date formats in their documentation

Just encountered Simson Garfinkel's personal website for the first time

............what is a "confidential letter of recommendation"...? Like I provide names of someone who would write a letter for me but I don't see the letter? Is this some tenure dossier stuff?! THEY USE INTERFOLIO LMAO

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i am legit tempted to apply for this just because the one time I gave a talk at the Beinecke it was a mind boggling experience in both very good and very weird ways.

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elite special collections research sponsorships blow my mind, what if......... what if I applied for one of these but instead of using Famous Old White Guys Papers I asked to comb through their internal curatorial and acquisition records. This is my real research interest. Beinecke, let me into your accession records.

checking some stuff on our union's website and one of the associate council members is playing a keytar in his professional headshot, this is the kind of energy I'm here for

someone who i greatly admire once told me she appreciates that i am an institutionalist and i didn't really get it but now i do.

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can we all just accept that community archives and institutional archives have different missions? the latter should not try to be the former, and the former is not inherently more virtuous than the latter? please?

i started making mujadara for the first time this year and i really regret that i didn't learn how to make this earlier. So delicious, so easy, so voluminous with only 1 cup of lentils and 1 cup of rice and a few onions.

dear colleagues, please stop taking out your barely concealed anxiety on your uncompensated colleagues serving in thankless governance leadership roles and please take this to your therapist. i have now been the recipient of this pattern (stuff like not reading minutes, DM'ing me a ton of questions in a row without asking me if I have time to talk, CC'ing me on stuff that isn't my wheelhouse) from 3 different people who normally don't do this and it's exhausting and annoying.

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