OMG ILL SYSTEM IS COOPERATING ONCE AGAIN. I've had too much other trauma this week, that was an unnecessarily nerve-wracking ten minutes.

In other news, I convinced a binational water commission that's existed since the 1950s to digitize their early annual reports and put that shit online. On the other hand, they cannot tell me when they are going to complete this.

yeah that's right I do need a dozen articles related to Canadian fishery management, what's the problem folks.

i think i broke the interlibrary loan system after requesting a zillion articles which my institution does not have subscriptions to. The system is no longer recognizing my user name. Ummmmmm.

I'm trying StitchFix for the first time. They sent me a pair of pants. I couldn't figure out why they had no zipper. Turns out they are "knit trousers." They are like very chic yoga pants that also feel very clingy but not in a super bad way? Idk how I should feel about this I mostly wear dresses plz advise.

oh yeah if you want an idea of what sections are and aren't doing, here it is in their own words from the last round of annual reports

Whereas I actually do believe in a competitive market ideology when it comes to SAA's wild proliferation of sectionsz, AND
Whereas SAA is not enforcing the criteria it passed years ago for disbanding sections, AND
Whereas there are currently 45 sections with varying degrees of activity:
I hereby propose we're going to settle this once and for all with an NCAA style bracket. Top seeds go to sections that have a regularly updated presence outside the annual meeting and competitive elections.

I take back my claim "no one" has written about it. About two people have written about it. In administrative law review journals.

holy shit, apparently ALEC is *on it* and now I hate that they have at least one piece of model legislation that would actually address something useful for once

One of the more disturbing things I am beginning to learn from doing water activism is that interstate compacts - even though they are typically composed of government entities - do not generally have any archival protocols for their records. This is an extremely WTF situation that I think no one has ever written about....?

Racist violence 

I think this is going to be a good week to stay off Facebook

I just submitted a conference proposal to the big environmental history conference with three librarians and archivists I deeply admire and I could not be more thrilled/hopeful we make the cut!!!

The way @edsu cobbles together his reading notes on his blog is basically one of my academic leave goals

This 10 minute video of some boxed up Bob Ross paintings ended up in the Smithsonian is a ~*~JOURNEY~*~ and I would 100% watch a 2-hour documentary version of this, the Bob Ross staff are too wholesome for this world

I just pulled one of their SEC filings and I am terrible at reading these things but I'm sure this information is out there

I'd love to see someone write an article comparing Elsevier's top salaries compared to librarian and faculty salaries. Labor creates all wealth.

I stumbled across my old library school notes on the story of the FBI trying to access civil rights activist Anne Braden's papers, and in light of the Bentley-Tanton story, it's pretty interesting to go back and review

Working on a RepoData map for the hurricane in the Gulf, could someone try this and let me know if it works

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