Reading Erin R. White's post about their experience staying in one place is super meaningful for me today. There's so much narrative of leaving and moving on to bigger and better things but I am so damn tired of starting over.

Thoroughly enjoying/horrified by this few years old report from the simply terrific Elizabeth Denham documenting RM and Freedom to Information issues in BC provincial government. I'm basically working on an argument that this kind of thing is actually very common place but almost no one writes this level of investigative report so we have no idea how prevalent it truly is

Irritated that IRB is forcing me to take all these training modules on genomic research in order for them to even consider any protocols I submit, hello I am not trying to get blood out of records managers.

It's kind of shit but I made a map of SAA annual meeting locations. Yellow = more meeting locations that have taken place in that location

it's also pretty wild/creepy that SAA met in DC several days before 9/11 and in New Orleans several days before the federal levee failure following Katrina

SAA met 4 times in Canada between 1949 and 1992, I think it would be rad todo this again as a joint meeting with ACA but idk if Canadian archivists would find this irritating? All I know is I am thrilled to be going to the American Society for Environmental History conference in Ottawa this year and I think more cross-border conferences would be great when possible

my new cri de coeur is not just to pay people a living wage but pay them enough so they can put down roots, dammit

The Oil Museum of Canada is only 6 hours from my house which is practically next door by midwestern tolerance for driving standards

gotta use them because i like showing examples of records in my talks, but man they all look like shit

if money were no object but I still had to work the first thing I'd do is to hire a graphic designer to do all my slide decks, is there anything more tedious than putting these together

Oh this is very interesting, I didn't realize they're already subtly marketing to university records managers

I'm seriously considering joining NAGARA in addition to SAA just because I feel like my records challenges are more similar to what gov't archivists face with my RM responsibilities, and it's way cheaper than ARMA to add on as a secondary membership. @Herodotusjr any thoughts?

I love the highlights from some of the archives. Like this one - WOW!

Table 28 is also SUPER fascinating - notes about context of staffing changes

This is your regular reminder that there are universities with far more archivists on staff than entire state governments. Y'ALL.

It's a day ending in Y where I yell about chronic underfunding of public sector archives staffing but holy shit folks, Kentucky losing more than half of its state archives/RM staff in 2 years seems like something we should be talking about more?!

Periodic reminder that Reading Archivists' current book club pick is Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World by Anand Giridharadas

Discussion questions to come in early December - join @TeamMidwest @platypus & me for some blistering hot takes!

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