Ahha ha ha ha, but seriously... What if we compiled a special edition of all the best B0lesArt!cle take downs?


Oh nooooo I can't do any work becauze these sleepy pups demand to be snuggled

I had an existential crisis and wrote an article about it. After a long and arduous gestation, it's out in the world.


Things I'm looking forward to reading today include @Sam_winn 's"Dying Well in the Anthropocene: On the End of Archivists"

...she may be the ONLY person from whom I'd read/accept that second clause.

Not sure how wise it is to listen to Lemonade before going into a meeting I'm *already* grumpy about.... 🤷

'lo frens. I'm trying to get into Masto more regularly b/c other comms are not feeding me RN. Here's what I'm up to these days:

1. Reading adrienne marie brown's Emergent Strategy

2. Watching Roma so I can listen to the Latinos Who Lunch critique and practice my Spanish

3. Revising an article on archives in the anthropocene

Cool, cool, the face of our profession is an ableist mansplainer. 👌

conferencing + self-care + existentializing thread 

I've been really encouraged by the positive responses in my conversations about going for a PhD one day.

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Sitting in on culturally competent (re) description. Thinking about the cultural shift of this organization over the last five years and feeling a bit awed.

Also encouraged and nourished by the powerful voices on this panel.

Look, one day I'll be honest with my conference-self and just plan to sleep through the plenary.

conferencing + self-care + existentializing thread 

Also - I got to see/hug so many people I adore and met two new amazing Future Friends. And yet my brain keeps fixating on two lukewarm reactions I got which probably had *nothing* to do with me.

Onward to tomorrow, my other busy day. Here's to breakfast muffins, great public transit, Yoga With Adriene, and fun dresses.

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conferencing + self-care + existentializing thread 

Some of it is age related, some health related, some the inevitable drain after a weekend of worrying about Nazis in the present, locative tense

I'm really trying to be patient with myself and make good choices this year, which means a lot of Missing Out. And I don't know how I feel about that yet.

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conferencing + self-care + existentializing thread 

I've been here since Friday to hang out with A Very Good Friend and to counter some alt right bros. I actually had a restful weekend going into today, the first "real" day of activity for moi.

I came back to my retiree run hostel at like 4:30, way depleted both physically and mentally

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conferencing + self-care + existentializing thread 

I feel too exposed on birbsite these days to really share personal stuff, esp as I approach tenure time (next August is the Big Submit).

So apropos of nothing, I'm going to send some thoughts into this here void throughout the week.

How are y'all?

If white people had any sense, they would be ‘anti-white’ too.

Whiteness is a completely made up ideaology that even robs white people of their connection with their cutlures and their humanity.

Only a fool would practice an ideology that results in their own suffering, poverty and devastation.

Behind every strong ILS is an even stronger woman.

Hey buds! I am in DC for . Birbsite makes me sad so I think I'll bring my snark takes and commentary over here this year. Who else is so not ready for the week ahead? Wheeeee

Spent the weekend re-reading Derrida's Archive Fever so I can get to the bottom of some persistent misunderstandings in neighboring fields.

Meanwhile talking through my thoughts with spouse and Birbland viewers like


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