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Do you use any RSS feed aggregator? :RSS:
Which one?

PSA for every website that wants its users to upload pictures of themselves: phone cameras make image files way bigger than your 2 MB limit. They have for a while now.

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Now accepting suggestions for apps/software for MacOS/iOS that you love or can't live without.

My final entry of 2018. My verdict: it’s a fun “challenge” to help get you biking around more.

An installer just told me I can't install to the directory I chose because the "path is too long."

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I *think* they might be intending to use the feature to help filter out junk mail from the notifications? That would actually be nice, but it’s not 100% clear.

I’m doing a survey for USPS informed delivery (where the post service will email you an image of each item you’ll receive in the mail that day) and one question asks me if I would support them adding a “like” button for each piece of mail.

Folks, I extremely do not want to be “liking” my physical mail.

- Search for keywords
- Open first result
- Ctrl+F and search for a keyword
- Not found in document
- Repeat with second result...

Are there any desktop publishing apps that don’t suck? I’ve been developing a pamphlet that’s beginning to outgrow the abilities of Word. My coworkers like MS Publisher, but I don’t like that it’s Windows desktop only.

TFW a solemnity falls on a Friday

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@John this is cool but why not help out Project Gutenberg by proofreading and formatting some books for them?

I just discovered Seems like a great idea with a lot of potential!

The plot of the next "The Thing" remake is looking good so far

“Everything looks good on the screen. Send it to the printer!”

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I just opened my mail-in ballot. Gotta say, I’ve never heard of the “Approval Voting” party. Let’s go their website and find out what they are about .... Um, so, if I prefer Linux and Apache, I guess they aren’t my candidate. #vote

One of our patrons has taped paper around her monitor to cover up the ads in the game she's playing

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Mozilla's "Privacy Not Included" buyer’s guide rates 70 popular connected products based on how much they spy on you, so you can avoid the creepy ones 🕷️ HT @lisacodes@twitter #privacy #security