@cyberpunklibrarian What really annoys me, is that I wish it would flag books you already own through their service.

I mean, I get why they DON'T do this, because you might realize "I own 90% of this and don't need to buy it again", but it would be really nice if they did.

I also hate the recent redesign where it puts everything is this big clustered grid and the tiers are not obvious. It makes it harder to decide "I just want the 2nd tier and don't need the third".

Dear new users:

It's alright to take your time and get up to speed on here. You don't have to hit the ground running. You might have picked up the habit of interacting with social media as it it were naturally a competitive performance--we all did--but the best thing about Mastodon and the fediverse beyond it is that it's not like that. Take some time to decompress.

It took me about six months to fully drop the armor that I'd been wearing from being on other sites. That was three years ago. This place changes lives.

Also, it's okay to be picky. Sign up at a new instance, if the first one you pick isn't the best fit possible. You'll find your home, and folks here understand it takes trial and error.

Above all, take a deep breath. What feels weird now will make sense pretty quickly.

Glad to have you.

It baffles me that Spotify spends $100 million on Joe Rogan's podcast for an exclusivity deal and yet YouTube doesn't get the fucking clue that they should add a podcasts section to YouTube or YouTube music...


New blog post: Wherein we complain about Humble Bundle and then buy things from them anyway.

But damn, Humble Bundle, tidy up… please.


In 1997, a new animated series premiered on the WB. Three weeks later, it was gone. Why? Well, I may have a few theories. Coming soon, a limited series podcast that dares to explore The Legend of Calamity Jane.


I think a lot of people would be shocked about how, in the year of our goddess 2022, so much important low level library tech shit runs on FTP and Telnet.

Ok, but what if Blade Runner remake but this one is 100% about a guy's relationship with his neighbor as they attempt to one-up each other with animals they both know deep down aren't real.

cc @Cyborgneticz

Tired: Bitching about Excel not being a database.

Wired: Downloading the massive Excel file a library just sent you, converting it to CSV, and then importing it into MariaDB.

*Now* it's a database.

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to post a tweet celebrating and expressing appreciation for the school board right after they banned a classic book on the Holocaust.


The attitude that ad blocking is equivalent to piracy is ridiculously entitled. Ads take up bandwidth, they use electricity, they make your equipment outdated quicker by increasing bloat, they reduce the lifespan of your devices, they threaten your privacy, they manipulate you, and malicious ads try to entice you into compromising security.

The greatest cost is to you, the end user, it also costs the environment too, of course. The company makes a small fraction of that cost in revenue, and passes an even tinier fraction on to creators and so on. If you defend this model, you are morally bankrupt.

And now: a new essay where I go into detail about the details in a library summer reading poster from 2013. How can one write so much about a poster?

Because this poster is insane.


You know what kind of day it's been when I end up sitting at my desk with a double-shot of Fireball.

“The library has always been a community center, a place where the public can get something they wouldn’t have otherwise, like free Internet,” another D.C. children’s librarian said. “But it feels like we’ve become too good at our jobs. It becomes, ‘Oh, the library can handle it.’ We’re getting more and more tasks and responsibilities that just feel overwhelming.”


what password manager do you use?

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